Frequently Asked Questions


The M2 (800W) heater is more powerful than the M1(450W) heater. The M2 is best placed for use in living rooms and bed rooms, while the M1 is suited for hallways, bathrooms and smaller rooms in your house.

Heating area: 15m2
Rated Input: 450W
Weight: 4.5kg
Rated Voltage: 220/110V 50/60Hz
Dimensions: 750 x 321 x 10 mm (W x H x D)

Heating area: 25m2
Rated Input: 800W
Weight: 10kg
Rated Voltage: 220/110V 50/60Hz
Dimensions: 1050 x 445 x 10 mm (W x H x D)
Temperature sensor: included
Feet: not compatible

The M1 heater is 450W while the M2 heater is 800W.
That depends entirely on the size of the room you wish to heat. We recommend and M2 heater for 15-25msq and the M1 heater for rooms under 15msq.
SOLUS+ works through far infrared radiant heat. Rather than heating the air, far infrared radiant heats you and the object in your room directly. Its best compared to the warmth of the sun, which warms you regardless of the temperature of the air around you. The opposite to Radiant heat is convection heat. Convection heaters heat air, which retains heat poorly and disappears on draughts. Far infrared heating is completely safe and has been used by people in their homes for years.
SOLUS meets the highest European safety standards and is certified by TUV Nord to the EN 60335-2-30 and EN 60335-1 standards. Moreover, all SOLUS+ models have an IP44 rating allowing them to be used safely in bathrooms and kitchens, where resistance to water splashes and moisture is needed. SOLUS+ also complies with the more recent EU Lot 20 Legislation around heating efficiency.
There are no maintenance or servicing costs associated with SOLUS+
The SOLUS+ is 2 to 3 times cheaper than our closest competitors in the same range.
Products are assembled and manufactured in Latvia, Europe.
This is correct when it comes to electric heaters. However, a lot of electric heaters waste a lot of heat. The SOLUS+ offers savings in wasting far less energy and heat.
We have 2 models. The M1 and the M2. The M1 model can heat up to 15 square meters and the M2 can heat up to 25 square meters.
No. Convection heaters that depend on air circulation are not cost efficient. The hot air rises to the ceiling, which is not where you want your heat. The SOLUS+ on the other hand heats objects and people directly utilising completely safe infrared technology and allows for even heat distribution and cost effective heat delivery.
That’s correct! However, with smart home functionality and infrared technology, we help our users waste far less energy in achieving a warm environment rather than generating heat from a watt.
Yes! It will be shipped with an Australian power plug.


The SOLUS+ app is available to download from the App Store and the Google Playstore. You can find the link on our app page!
The room sensor is easily pair with the SOLUS+ heater via the app. Simply follow the set up instructions in the app.
Yes, the SOLUS+ app allows you to control the heater remotely using 4G.
You will need WiFi to connect the heaters and temperature sensors to your app.
Yes, the app allows for multiple users to control the heater at once.
Not yet, but we expect to release a software update in January 2020 which will allow users to control their home heating via Alexa or Google Home.
The SOLUS+ app is easy and intuitive to use. In app instructions will guide you through the set up process. Alternatively you can find more information in the instruction manual here:
Yes! Simple click report bug in app or send us an email on and our technical team will assist you shortly.


The SOLUS+ heater comes with a standard 2 year warranty.
A warranty is void if you install or use the heater incorrectly as outlined in the instructional manual. The warranty is also void if you tamper with the product in any way.
Yes, Hardwiring will not affect the warranty.


The SOLUS+ IP44 rating allows you to install your heater safely in bathrooms. We advise that you install your radiator outside of the splash zone.
We recommend installing the SOLUS+ heater on a wall facing away from a window. Always ensure that there is plenty of space for the infrared to travel through the room.
It is always best to ensure that your SOLUS+ is not touching any furniture and that it is not installed on wallpaper.
The power cable is 1.8 meters long
No, the SOLUS+ heater can be mounted to your wall in a matter of minutes.
If you have misplaced the template and/or the mounting screws please get in touch with us and we will send you the required items immediately.


We aim to ship our heaters within 2 weeks. Once the heater is ready to ship we will send you tracking details.
Please send us an email on with a picture of the damage and we will replace your heater as soon as possible.

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